Sarah & Tom’s Sussex Wedding

Sarah is an old school friend of my girlfriend so I came highly recommended to Sarah & Tom! They didn’t want an overly formal wedding, in fact they initially planned to just have a party in a field with friends and family. In the end they opted for more of a traditional wedding with a fun and relaxed feel to it – still involving partying in a field later on! It sounded like fun so I was excited to accept the booking.

There had been a fair bit of rain in the week leading up to their wedding day so it wasn’t looking too promising. However, the rain had stopped the day before and it had started to dry out and on the day itself there were blue skies and sunshine which lasted pretty much all day.

My day started at the magnificent South Lodge Hotel where Sarah was getting ready with her bridesmaid, also called Sarah, and her mum. Her dad kept himself out of the way, choosing to go for a walk around the gardens whilst the girls were busy having their hair and makeup done.

I left the hotel ahead of the others to make sure I was at the church for Sarah’s arrival. It was Saint Andrew’s Church in Edburton – a lovely little church up a small lane tunnelled with trees. Sarah arrived in Tom’s grandfather’s stunning Rolls Royce driven my Tom’s Uncle – fashionably late!

The reception was held at The Wild Garden at The Hyde Estate in Horsham. Sarah & Tom organised a marquee to be set in this beautiful lakeside location in the middle of 850 acres of peaceful woods and countryside – perfect for a warm sunny day! Guests enjoyed drinks and canapés by the lake before I took the close family members over the other side of the lake for their family group shots. After this I went exploring the gardens with Sarah & Tom for a few nice relaxed couple photos making the most of the daylight before it was time for the meal. Speeches then followed before the evening party really got started with guests dancing into the night.

Here’s a selection of my photos from throughout the day:

alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-01 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-02 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-03 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-04 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-05 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-06 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-07alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-08 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-09 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-10 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-11 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-12 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-13 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-14 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-15 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-16 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-17alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-18 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-19 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-20 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-21 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-22 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-23 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-24 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-25 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-26 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-27 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-28 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-29 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-30 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-32alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-31 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-33 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-34 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-36alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-35
alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-37 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-38 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-39 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-40 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-41 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-42 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-43 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-44 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-45 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-46 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-47 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-48 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-49 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-50 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-51 alex-bradbury-sussex-wedding-photography-52

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