Orchardleigh House Wedding Photography – Bryony & Dan

As a Warwickshire wedding photographer, a lot of the weddings I cover are in and around the Warwickshire area. However, I am more than happy to travel all over the country and even abroad so when Bryony and Dan got in touch about their Somerset wedding at the stunning Orchardleigh House, located on the Orchardleigh Estate, I was very excited about the opportunity to shoot at such a fantastic venue.
I was recommended to Bryony and Dan by Dan’s brother, Dale, who I used to work with a few years back. After exchanging a few emails they went ahead and booked me. We arranged to meet up for a chat and a coffee in a Stratford-upon-Avon coffee shop one weekend when they were visiting friends and family in the Midlands. After only a few minutes of chatting to them I knew it was going to be a great wedding!

On the morning of the wedding, I arrived nice and early to have a look around Orchardleigh House and the grounds to find spots for photos later on – and to take a few venue shots as well. I caught Dan on his way in and said a quick hello before heading up to the Bonita Suite where Bryony was getting ready with her bridesmaids and flower girl. There was a great atmosphere in the room, with a very smiley bride to be. I stayed with Bryony and the girls right up until just before they left for St Mary’s Church (which is conveniently located on the Orchardleigh Estate) in Bryony’s dad’s vintage bay window VW camper van – what an amazing way to travel to the church!

After jumping into my car for the short drive down to the church, I waited to see if the camper van would make it… and I’m pleased to say that it did – no breakdowns! The ceremony was relaxed and full of laughter and smiles in the lovely candle-lit St Mary’s Church. Guests gathered outside to congratulate the happy couple before heading off back to Orchardleigh House in the minibuses organised for them. Bryony and Dan stayed behind at the church so we could shoot a few photos of them both together before joining their guests for the drinks reception.

The drinks reception was held in the Formal Gardens at the back of the house, which was also the location we chose for Bryony and Dan to get covered with confetti by their friends and family! We took a few family group shots, with the incredible Somerset countryside as a backdrop, before it was time for the wedding breakfast which was held in the Ballroom.

It had been a warm, dry, overcast day until now… then, during the meal, the sun started to shine! The late afternoon sun gave the Ballroom a beautiful warm glow for the speeches that followed the food. After the speeches, guests went back out into the gardens to enjoy the sunshine. By this time, the light was perfect for a few more photos of Bryony and Dan together so we had little walk around the gardens capturing some lovely shots of them both.

It was then time to cut the stunning wedding cake, made by Mummy’s Little Cakery in Ilminster, before the first dance. Afterwards, I stayed to capture some of the other guests having a boogie before I got ready to leave them to enjoy the rest of their evening. However, just before leaving I spotted a fantastic sunset and knew that Bryony and Dan would love to have this photo so I rushed to get them for a final photo of the night. 

A thoroughly enjoyable wedding from start to finish!

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